You looking at yourself looking at art


I am a multimedia artist working at the intersection of meta-modern conceptions and Late Capitalism, which is to say that I like looking through historic and contemporary artistic trends and trying to create works that are viewed in second person. At its core, my work wants to ask its audience how exactly we look at and consider works of art, how we conceptualize authenticity, and how we distinguish between creation and ownership. While highly conceptual in nature, my work functions on a fundamentally aesthetic level, ensuring that even those unconcerned with the influence of the Gutai Group enjoy the work.

While I have no formal training in visual art, I am able to draw on my education in both poetry and music to develop a form of critical theory that is universally applicable to  all forms of art. From my first major poetic works to my current art, I have always been concerned with the presentation of pieces of art not as individual units that impart meaning to a viewer, but rather as a context-heavy item that a viewer imparts meaning on to.

While my primary medium is acrylic paint, I use a number of different media, ranging from simple markers and thread to the heavily experimental use of fire, nails, and pre-existing pieces of art. In this way I am able to create work that forces the viewer to consider their own opinions and feelings about art and the ownership of art.